Discover the jewel

Of Mexico's southeast

Cabo Norte has arrived at Merida, the “White Town”, distinguished by its unique tranquility and security, surrounded by jewels of the Mayan culture such as cenotes, ruins, wildlife and unique flora. With colonial architecture that adorns the streets in contrast to avant-garde areas.

In Merida you will find everything from museums, restaurants and malls, to beaches and archeological sites surrounding the city. For us it is essential to preserve all the magic that radiates in this city, one of the reasons why this masterplan emerged.

Live in Merida, live in Cabo Norte.


Live in one of the safest cities of Mexico, the perfect place to raise a family in plenitude and wellness. Merida enjoys an unmatched peace, creating the unique atmosphere of tranquility that rests in the city.


Enjoy a culinary culture, famous throughout Mexico, directly from its source. Meet classic traditional dishes prepared by Yucatecan hands together with growing offer in high-end restaurants.


Make your home a growing city on the way of becoming one of the most important capitals of the country. Merida has sustainable urban development, excellent services and a wide variety of top-level attractions.


In recent years Merida has stood out in the world. Forbes placed the city in third place in its ranking “Top Travel Destinations” for being a destiny rich in culture, offering invaluable art and history. In the same way is at the number four spot in “Best in travel: top 10” according to Lonely Planet, tourist guide, highlighted in this list designated as The American Capital of Culture.



Merida is projected as one of the most important cities in all of Mexico. With unique and vibrant real estate developments, an energetic local economy and an strategic position for national and international trade, investing in Mexico equals success.

Ready to be part of the future?